Lok Sabha passes Five Bills in Forty-Four Minutes

Lok Sabha has passed five new bills within the time frame of forty four minutes without any debate from the opposition

Snehal Upadhyay-

The ongoing tug of war between the BJP government and the opposition over the case of the Pegasus spyware snooping has resulted highly in the productivity of the Parliament.

In the first two weeks of the ongoing Monsoon sessions, the Parliament focused more on discussing the snooping controversy rather than discussing the main things. 

Discussion over the Pegasus snooping case was mostly demanded by the opposition, which adversely affected the Parliament with frequent disruptions and adjournments.

According to data compiled by PRS Legislative, the productivity of Lok Sabha is only 14% as it has passed five bills that too, in less than an hour, which was seen comparatively less to the average time spent on a bill during the Budget Session which was two and a half hour.

Lok Sabha took forty-four minutes to pass five bills comparatively Rajya Sabha is in a better position as its productivity stands at 22%.

Logjam in Parliament has led to the washout of business hours in both the Houses during the first two weeks of the Monsoon Session.

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