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Greeva Garg –

Published on: September 13, 2021 at 10:57 IST

With the latest figures released on the website of the Law Ministry, it has been revealed that the Delhi High Court is functioning with vacancy percentage over 50.

Considering the pendency of cases, disposal rate and present infrastructure of the Delhi High Court, it has been sanctioned the post of 60 Judges for a smooth handling of flow of litigation in Capital.

The vacancy statement published by the Law Ministry stated that, the Delhi High Court in effect is having 31 vacancies over the sanctioned vacancies of 60 Judges.

“Once the Court reopens fully and pending cases are put back on the board for adjudication, there may be over 100 cases listed before each Judge every day, since one Judge would be handing a roaster of two Courts. Imagine the plight of litigants who are patiently waiting during these two years for their old cases to come up for hearing. At present old cases are being automatically adjourned while new cases are adding up to the pendency,” a Bar leader stated.

With the retirement of Justice Jayant Nath, due in November 2021, the working strength will come down from 29 Judges at present to 28.

Last year on August 17, the Supreme Court Collegium made recommendation of 6 Judges to be elevated in the Delhi High Court.

After the Central Government cleared two names out of six, appointments of judges to the Delhi High Court were made in February 2021, of Justice Jasmeet Singh and Justice Amit Bansal.

Vacancy Statement:

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