Lakhimpur Violence Case: 12 farmers summoned by SIT to record statements

Lakhimpur Kheri Law Insider

Shivani Gadhavi

Published On: January 06, 2022 at 16:10 IST

A Special Investigation Team (SIT) which is Investigating the matter pertaining to when three workers of the Bhartiya Janata Party were Lynched during the violence that had erupted in Lakhimpur Kheri on October 3, 2021, has summoned twelve farmers.

A member of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) stated, “We have issued summons to record statements of the farmers who were present on the spot and were part of the mob. A few of them appeared before us earlier but none were Arrested.”

The case pertains to the death of four farmers and a journalist who were killed by Ashish Misra, the son of Union Minister Ajay Misra Teni, when he ran his car over the aforementioned deceased after getting off from his helicopter during his arrival at Lakhimpur Kheri, where farmers were protesting against the Farm Bills.

After Ashish Misra ran his car over the four farmers and the journalist, other farmers present at the place Allegedly set fire to two SUV’s from the convoy of Ashish Misra and killed three workers of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP).

The Advocate representing the Accused farmers stated, “A few farmers were earlier summoned for questioning under lenient sections as they were part of the mob but were not involved in the violence. The farmers who received the summons now are the ones who are Witnesses in the case of the Murder of farmers. We are waiting for the SIT to find the two other Accused in the convoy who managed to escape.”

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