Kerala High Court Dismisses PIL Seeking NIA Investigation Into Vizhinjam Violence

Gavel Law Insider

Aastha Thakur

Published on: 05 December 2022 at 19:19 IST

The Kerala High Court dismissed the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) asking for an investigation by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) into the recent violence in Vizhinjam, where more than 3,000 anti-seaport protesters wrecked the local police station, wounding over 40 officers.

The division bench led by Chief Justice S Manikumar, refused to take in petition seeking NIA investigation into the violence filed by P. Gopakumaran Nair, a former police officer from Vizhinjam.

The State government’s claim that cases have been filed and an investigation into the subject is underway was accepted by the court.

The court while dismissed the plea stating that, “Investigation is at the preliminary stage”.

Vizhinjam’s fishermen have been protesting against the seaport’s construction for more than four months, and on November 26 and 27, there was violence as a result. On the evening of November 27, demonstrators attacked the Vizhinjam police station, inflicting injuries on numerous officers.

As many as 163 FIR were registered by the police in connection with the violence. The FIRs mentioned that the protesters had attacked the people of other faiths with a view to igniting a communal riot.

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