Kerala HC quashes Plea accusing Nambi Narayanan of influencing CBI probe

Alka Verma –

Published On: November 15, 2021 at 19:29 IST

On Monday, the Kerala High Court quashed a Petition filed by former Police Officer S. Vijayan in which he accused Nambi Narayanan of influencing the ongoing CBI probe against him.

Vijayan accused Narayanan of influencing the investigations by entering into land agreements worth crores with the then investigating officials of CBI.

However, Justice R Narayana Pisharadi dismissed the Plea filed against ex-ISRO scientist after allowing Petitioners to file a fresh Plea with appropriate documents.

In the said scenario, Vijayan along with 17 other former Police Officers and IB Officers of Kerala, is facing CBI investigations for falsely implicating Narayanan and some others in the 1994 ISRO spy case.

Before the Trial Court, Vijayan produced several certificates showing that several acres of land belong to Narayanan and his son.

According to Petitioner, these lands were sold to then CBI officials who were investigating the case.

Vijayan contented that this much evidence was sufficient enough for the Trial Court to order an investigation under the Prevention of Corruption Act against the Scientist and CBI Officials, however, his complaint was rejected.

Similarly, when the matter was brought before the Kerala High Court, it observed that the certificates which is being used by Vijayan to make the said claims is not sufficient enough to order an enquiry.

The High Court observed that the certificates provided didn’t prove that any actual sale deed happened between Narayanan and CBI officials.

Henceforth, the Court asked the Petitioner to provide actual sale deed in order to start any investigation.

At last, the Court also mentioned that the Trial Court only rejected the Complaint of Vijayan and didn’t dismissed it so he still has a chance to file a fresh Complaint with all the necessary documents.

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