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Kerala HC Directs Authorities to Periodically Clean Drains, ‘With Proper Resolve Citizens Can be Spared of Unnecessary Inundation Every Year’

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Debangana Ray

Published on August 7, 2022 at 20:18 IST

The Kerala HC issued directions to various competent authorities to clear the drainage system and canals to prevent inundation of the city.

The Court further directed the cochin corporation and the police to ensure the waste is not being dumped in the drains and if any person is found violating the order shall be punished in accordance to the law.

Pursuant to the orders of the court, on 1st August, the cleaning of the drains began in full swing, and the court observed that there were very few minor instances of floods.

In compliance with the order of this Court, the Mayor of Cochin Corporation, MLAs, officers of the PWD (Roads Division), irrigation department, Police Fire and Rescue, CSML, Electricity Board, Water Authority and other under the stewardship of the District Collector had inspected the problem sites in the city and cleaning work is completed in two days.

He further added that the Corporation, PWD, CSML, Irrigation Department and Southern Railways have been instructed by the District Collector to clear the drains in specified areas and that the same is nearing competition.

He also added that a committee of all the departments are formed to prepare a formal project to be assessed and approved by the disaster management authorities.

Since the flow of water from the roads to the drainage is reduced on account of the vegetation growing in between, the Court has directed it to be removed. Also, to ensure that the drains are kept clean in a continuing basis.

The Court further directed the Police and Corporation to ensure that there is no dumping of waste into the drainage systems, and a continuous vigilant watch should be maintained in this regard.