Karnataka HC: Even After Long-Term Relationship, Not Marrying Does Not Amount to Cheating

Savvy Thakur

Published on: 14 November 2022 at 19:31 IST

The Karnataka High Court said that being in relationship and not end up marrying each other isn’t cheating and will not amount to offence under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The single judge Justice K Natarajan was dealing with the FIR filed by the woman against her boyfriend and his family for cheating her.

The couple were in relationship for good eight years. However, tension arose when the man showed his unwillingness to marry her, as his family found another woman for him to marry.

During the course of hearing, the court quashed the FIR proceedings against the man and his family, due to lack of fraudulent intention in the present matter.

“The contract was not breached by fraudulent intent. It cannot be said that he did this with the intent of cheating,”

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