Karnataka HC directs to take action against Officers who interrogated Students

Karnataka High Court Law Insider
Karnataka High Court Law Insider

Aanchal Agarwal-

Published on: September 4, 2021, at 16:48 IST

The Karnataka High Court on Friday had ordered the Police to take action against the officers who had interrogated the students with regards to a Sedition case.

The Court stated that by questioning the students the Officers have violated the Juvenile Justice Act.

In 2020 the students belonging to a school in Bidar District of Karnataka were questioned regarding a play that was conducted in their school.

The play in question was based on the latest Amendment in Citizenship Act.

The police alleged that the play was derogatory towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi as it insulted him and was also very inflammatory towards society in general.

The Police had earlier arrested a teacher and mother of a student who took part in the play but they were later granted Bail in February 2020.

The play was enacted by students of classes 4, 5 and 6.

Videographic proof shows that the Police went to the school premises in uniform with their guns to question the Students.

A Petition by a lawyer and a human rights activist was filed before the Karnataka High Court stating that such questioning by the Police can impact the mental wellbeing of the children.

The affidavit submitted by the Police before the Court stated that the Investigating Officer was responsible to ensure adherence to the provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act.

The affidavit read “I state that when I orally inquired, it was informed that they [the subordinates] have not interacted with any of the children and they have entered the hall only for the purpose of assisting the investigation officer”.

The Court upon hearing the arguments of both the parties held that the State Government must comply with the directions of the Court and asked it to submit a fresh Affidavit within four weeks to comply with the order.

The next hearing will take place on 21st October.

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