Karnataka Govt Revises its stand on Rohingyas in SC

People Floods Deporting Moving Rohingyas Refugees

Alka Verma-

Published On: October 31, 2021 at 14:37 IST

The Karnataka Government has filed a fresh and revised Affidavit in Supreme Court, in which they have changed their stand on their plan to deport Rohingyas living in Karnataka. 

In the fresh Affidavit, the State Government had given an open hand to the Top Court to determine the action to be taken against these refugees.

“I humbly submit that the Karnataka State Police have not housed Rohingyas in any camp or Detention Center within its Jurisdiction,” stated the Affidavit.

The BJP led State Government changed its stand in less than 3 weeks.

In its Affidavit, filed on October 7, the State Government stated that almost 72 Rohingya Muslims have been identified, though there is no intend to deport or take any coercive action against them.

“72 Rohingyas identified in Bengaluru City are working in various fields and Bengaluru City police have not taken any coercive action against them as of now and there is no immediate plan of deporting them,” stated the Affidavit filed by YS Chandrasekhara, a Police Inspector.

Also, the State Government opposed a PIL filed by BJP leader and Advocate Ashwini Upadhyay, stating that the demand to deport all the illegal Rohingya was not maintainable under Law.

However, a Affidavit filed on October 26, the State Government stated that it has dropped all their previous intentions on Rohingyas and now it will be following the rules and guidelines of Apex Court.

The fresh Affidavit filed by KN Vanaja, undersecretary in the state Department of Home also stated that around 126 Rohingyas Muslims has been found living who were not residing in any camp within the Jurisdiction of Karnataka.

I humbly submit that in view of the above this Respondent undertake that whatever the order that would be passed by Court will be scrupulously adhered and followed in its letter and spirit,” stated the Affidavit.

It should be noted here that Upadhyay in its Affidavit filed before Supreme Court stated that the increasing number of illegal refugees in posing a threat to the National Security of India.

Adding to this, he also asked the Apex Court to Issue certain guidelines for State and Center Government to find and deport these illegal refuges.

However, this Petition was opposed by the Karnataka Government stating the Petition as unmaintainable under Law.

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