Jacqueline Fernandez Withdraws Her Plea Seeking Permission to Go Abroad

Jacqueline Fernandez Law Insider

Aastha Thakur

Published on: 22 December 2022 at 21:33 IST

Jacqueline Fernandez, the Bollywood actor recently withdrew her plea from a Delhi court for permission to go abroad.

ED earlier this year booked Ms. Fernandez as an accused in a multi-crore money laundering case linked to Chandrashekhar.

The actor told the court about her decision after the judge said the question of charge should first be decided.

The actress gave her decision after the judge remarked that the question of charge should be decided first. The judge said, “You can withdraw the application and let the question of charge first be decided. Otherwise, I will pass a judicial order,”

The actress discussed with her lawyers and decided to withdraw her application “at this stage”.

The Enforcement Directorate opposed her request during the brief hearings, arguing that if she is permitted to travel overseas, she may possibly not come back. She is foreign national and resides in India only for work purpose.

Prior to withdrawing the application, the actor told the court that during the probe she was earlier granted permission to travel abroad. She said the ED had opposed her petition, but the Delhi High Court allowed it.

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