Israel to allow same-sex partners and single men to choose Surrogacy from next week

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Ambika Bhardwaj

Published On: January 05, 2022 at 15:12 IST

Upholding the Supreme Court ruling, Israel has chosen to permit same-sex partners and single men to become parents through the surrogacy inside the Country.

In July, the Court ruled some parts of an Israeli surrogacy Law Unconstitutional that barred Homosexual partners from having kids through Surrogates.

The Court decided in 2020 that the law which enlarged access to single women but exempted gay couples, ‘Disproportionately affected the right to equality and the right to parenthood’ and was therefore Unconstitutional.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz called the decision a ‘Historic day for the LGBTQ battle in Israel,’ and stated that it will give ‘Future fathers, Gay couples, and primarily each individual in Israel equitable rights to surrogacy in Israel.’

“This is a thrilling day for me, as a Gay minister who is very well conscious of the social inequalities against us over the years,” Horowitz, the second openly Homosexual Knesset member, stated. “It’s a personal battle for me as well.”

“We put a stop to oppression and discrimination today.” “Everybody has the entitlement to become a parent,” he stated, emphasising that the relaxed rules applied to Transgender people as well.

The new regulations will be in impact on January 11th. With this progress, Israel will join the “Small group of Nations that have finished Discrimination based on Sexual orientation,” according to the Minister.”In this regard, we are now one of the most advanced nations in the world,” he added.

Surrogacy is presently available in Israel to heterosexual married people and female who have a genetic relationship to the baby.

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