Chaini Parwani –

Published On: December 06, 2021 at 18:20 IST

A Special Court refused to grant Anticipatory Bail to a 34-year-old man purportedly engaged in sending a Mumbai-based couple to Qatar in 2019 with contraband leading them to spend approximately two years in Prison.

The court stated that Prima Facie evidence highlights that the man is part of a chain which involves innocent persons to send Drugs Internationally.

The case came into light when Couple Mohammed Shariq and Oniba Qureshi were arrested in Doha after 4.1 kg of hashish was found concealed in the bag given by their aunt Tabassum.

Further the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) conducted an investigation and arrested Tabassum and others.

Furthermore, an absconding accused Yasin Abdulla, 34, in a pre-arrest Petition filed by him, alleged that there is no evidence against him, nor any recovery made from him.

The Prosecution rejected the plea on the grounds that the Modus Operandi of the syndicate which Abdulla is a part of involves finding a couple and sending them to a Foreign Country with contraband.

Further it was highlighted that there were similar cases filed against him, one by the Bandra unit of the Anti-Narcotic Cell of the Mumbai police and one by NCB.

Special Judge V V Patil noted that Abdulla is engaged in the illegal activities of transporting the prohibited narcotic substances at international level and that the applicant was absconding and despite efforts taken by police, he could not be found.

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