Hong Kong: High Court denies bail to pro-democracy activist

Dec9,2020 #Activist #HONG KONG #PROTEST


Pro-democracy activist Agnes Chow Ting of Hong Kong was denied bail by the High Court after eight legislators were arrested.

The Court has denied bail pending the activist’s appeal of a 10-month prison sentence for her involvement in a siege of police headquarters in the last year’s protests against the National Security Law.

Agnes Chow Ting was jailed last week by a lower court as she pled guilty of the incitement charges.

West Kowloon Court’s Magistrate Wong Sze-lai said instant imprisonment was the only suitable sentencing option as the case concerned a breach of public order.

The magistrate observed that the activist, her peers Joshua Wong Chi-fung and Ivan Lam Long-yin had joined the unauthorized assembly and took part in the incitement of the incident.

This comes following the arrest of various leaders in October who voiced their views against the National Security Law which was being imposed by Beijing.

Several countries and international agencies have come out and criticized Beijing’s domination over Hong Kong.

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