Gujarat HC Advocates’ Association to boycott official functions till Resumption of Physical Hearing

Gujarat high court Law Insider
Gujarat high court Law Insider

Shivangi Prakash-

Due to the non-resumption of Physical Hearings, the Gujarat High Court Advocate Association has decided to boycott all official functions of the High Court, including Full Court references, the Chief Justice’s oath ceremony, or any Judges except those personally invited by the Judge designate, and Lok Adalats.

Noting that a resolution in this regard has been made public by the Association, it thus stated:

“GHAA unanimously resolves to boycott all official functions which may be organized by the High Court of Gujarat such as Full Court reference, oath ceremony of the Hon’ble Chief Justice or any Hon’ble Judges except those personally invited by the judge designate and Lok Adalats. It is further resolved not to accord any welcome or farewell to any Hon’ble judge either on appointment, elevation, or retirement.”

The resolution further indicates that, despite the lawyers’ frantic demands and appeals, the Court is yet, to begin with a physical hearing.

The Bar has also agreed to perform parallel functions to commemorate national and constitutional events such as the 26th of January, the 15th of August, and the 2nd of October.

However, as a last resort and to avoid any friction, confrontation, or feelings of ill will and distrust, the Association has proposed that the Chief Justice and his companion judges begin physical hearings of the High Court from July 28, 2021.

“If the request is acceded to, the resolution shall automatically cease to operate,” adds the resolution.

Finally, the Association has decided to organise a peaceful dharna outside Gate No. 2 of the High Court on Monday, in accordance with the State of Gujarat’s social distancing, mask-wearing, and other SOPs.

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