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Gangster Gogi shot dead in Rohini Court

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Alka Verma-

Published On: September 25, 2021 at 12:48 IST

Jitender Maan alias Gogi was shot dead in an open fire in Delhi’s Rohini Court On September 24.

Two men, who were the attackers entered in the Courtroom dressed up as Advocates.

Gogi got five-six shot wounds and was taken to a close by emergency clinic, where he was proclaimed dead.

Individuals from the Delhi Police Special Cell’s Counter Intelligence group, who were going with Gogi, shot dead the attackers, with 27 bullets in completely discharged inside the court.

The Attackers are recognized as the members of Rival group. They figured out how to slip into the court with a .38 bore gun and one more of .30 bore acting like Advocates.

Sunil, famously known as Tillu Tajpuriya was heading the group.

Not More but just 30 minutes sooner, Tillu’s lieutenant Sunil Maan had been delivered in a similar court – No. 207 – regarding a Murder Case.

From the day when Gogi’s associate Kuldeep alias Fajja had fled out of GTB Hospital while he was in Police Custody, since then Special Cell had been working with Delhi Police Headquarters to accompany prominent gangsters to Court Hearings.

“A team of the Northern Range of the Special Cell was accompanying Sunil Maan, who appeared half an hour before Gogi. Around 1.15 pm, Gogi was produced in the courtroom. The two assailants, identified as Rahul, a resident of Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat, and Moris of Bakkarwala village, were standing at the entrance of the courtroom. They posed as lawyers and entered along with Gogi. Within seconds of entering, they opened fire on him from close range. Gogi received five-six bullet injuries; they fired eight-ten rounds,” stated a Police officer who was there when the firing happened.

Another officer who was present there stated, “Personnel of the Special Cell fired in retaliation. In total, eight rounds were fired by both the teams of the Special Cell. From the Northern Range of the Special Cell, Head Constable Kuldeep Hooda fired two rounds, and from the Counter Intelligence side, Head Constable Sandeep Dabas fired four rounds and Constable Rohit fired two. A third battalion also fired on the assailants with an AK-47.”

As per the Police, both Gogi and Tillu had been involved in extortion rackets in Alipur and Sonipat for years and there had always been a rift between the two gangs which ended as bloodshed.

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