European Court seeks prompt response from 33 countries in climate change case


The European Court of Human Rights has sought a quick response from 33 countries to a climate change case brought by six young Portuguese.

The court has sought a response from the European countries to the complaint and considered it as a priority as the issues raised are urgent and important.

At a France-based court, two young adults and four children had filed their complaint.

The complaint has asked the court to hold the countries liable for their allegedly incompetent efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Global Legal Action Network, which is an international nonprofit organization that challenges human rights violations, has supported the group, along with a team of five London lawyers.

The countries named in the complaint involve the 27 member nations of the European Union (EU) and also the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

The court will attempt to settle the case amicably before it proceeds to litigation.

The countries would be legally compelled to cut greenhouse gas emissions according to the conditions of the 2015 Paris climate accord if the activists win the case.

They would have to mark their part in external emissions and also by their multinational companies.

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