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Electronic Filing of Cases Opposed by Bar Council of Kerala and Advocates

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kerala bar council LAW INSIDER

kerala bar council LAW INSIDER


The Bar Council of Kerala and the Kerala High Court Advocates Association (KHCAA) have opposed immediate implementation of the Electronic Filing Rules for Kerala Courts.

In a meeting held on 16th May, 2021 both BCK and KHCAA decided to refrain from filing any case through e-filing mode from 17th May.

After consultation with various Bar Associations, they decided to request the Kerala High Court to defer the implementation of the rules. A memorandum to the effect was also facilitated to the High Court and the Chief Justice of India.

The Electronic Filing Rules for the Court (Kerala) 2021 regulates the online electronic filing system and facilities the same.

However the Advocates will appear before the courts through virtual hearing and will take part in the court proceedings.

Furthermore a meeting is scheduled on 17th May at 1 pm with the administrative Committee of the High Court to discuss the matter.