Dubai International Financial Court Launches Special Court to resolve Digital Economy Disputes


Nishka Srinivas Veluvali

Published On: December 15, 2021 at 19:45 IST

The Dubai International Financial Centre Courts declared that it launched a Special Court to resolve the disputes with regard to the Digital Economy.

This Special Court will target on simplifying the settlement procedure of complex, civil and commercial quarrels related to digital economy both domestically or internationally. The Court will also look after the arising issues from the current and developing technology.

This Court will cover the aspects including Big Data, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, cloud services, unmanned aerial vehicles, 3D printing technology and robotics.

“The infrastructure of our courts in Dubai will keep pace with our future economic aspirations”, claimed Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and President of the Dubai International Financial Centre.

He also added that this move is a part of the efforts of Dubai to keep up with the swiftly changing digital economy.

The Digital Economy plays a part of about 4.3 percent in the UAE’s gross domestic product, which is equal to the Dh100 billion ($27.22bn) as per the Digital Chamber for Digital Economy reports.

The Special Court will start functioning by the first quarter of 2022.

DIFC, at present is looking out and appointing Judicial Experts for this new Court, which will be an addition to the specialised departments in the existing Courts including the Technology and Construction Division as well as the Arbitration Division.

A batch of International Lawyers and Industrial Experts will be designated to design and permit the new rules for the Digital Economy Court for early 2022.

“The potential of the UAE’s judicial systems to support and protect the continuity of business projects will prove to be extremely vital to the country’s long-term goals of attracting and retaining foreign investment and this court is the first of its kind in the world offering new and exciting innovations that will provide the best avenues to access justice, not only for companies operating in the UAE but for international companies seeking a fair jurisdiction”, the Director of the Courts of the DIFC, Omar Al Muhairi asserted.

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