Divorce granted by HC to man who was denied matrimonial life for 10 years by wife

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Nishka Srinivas Veluvali

Published On: January 06, 2022 at 14:39 IST

The Chattisgarh High Court awarded the decree of Divorce to man whose wife kept him waiting for 10 years to join him in Matrimony under the context of ‘shubhmuhurat’, auspicious time didn’t arrive.

Santhosh Singh filed a Petition in the High Court challenging the Family Court Order that rejected Divorce to him due to desertion.

The High Court stated that this resulted in desertion and stated that, “The auspicious time is meant for happy family life. Instead, in this instant matter, it appears that auspicious time was used as a tool barrier by the wife to start their matrimonial home”.

As per the Petition, he was married in 2010 and his wife lived with him only for 11 days after which her relatives took her away stating they had some work with her.

Upon enquiring, Singh was told that it was not an auspicious time to send the wife back to him. Following this Singh had filed Restoration of Conjugal Rights which was decreed ex-parte.

However, the wife stated that after tying the knot, she was ready to go with him for matrimonial life but Singh did not come to take her back according to their rituals.

She also claimed that she did not abandon him instead he had neglected to return her as per the customs.

In response, the Singh’s Lawyer informed the Court that the wife was completely aware of the Conjugal Rights being restored but she denied to come along for the matrimonial life.

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