Delhi Minister Satyendra Jain Filed Plea in Delhi Court Against Leaking Footage from Inside Jail Cell

Savvy Thakur

Published on: 23 November 2022 at 22:43 IST

Satyendar Jain, Delhi cabinet minister currently serving a prison sentence, has applied in a special court of Delhi for orders to prevent the media from broadcasting any footage taken inside his cell.

Senior Advocate Rahul Mehra testified for Jain before Special Judge Vikas Dhull, claiming that another video was leaked this morning despite yesterday’s hearing.

“They have taken a specific day and time and demonstrated some significant events taking place in the jail. Test everything, please. We are not escaping. One release today, another release tomorrow. Does it not prick your conscience?” he inquired.

In addition, a video was leaked daily, according to the senior counsel appearing for Satyendra Jain. “Is this a trial for the media? My rights have been tossed to the wind.”

The special judge responded by pointing out that Jain did not make any application regarding this matter. As a direct consequence of this, a request to censor the media and conduct an investigation into how the leak occurred was submitted by the petitioner.

The court asked the jail staff to respond by tomorrow shortly after the application was submitted.

These arguments occurred while the court was hearing Jain’s plea that the Tihar jail authorities denied him a medical checkup and denied him basic food items in accordance with his religious beliefs.

As per his supplication, Jain has been enduring just on crude natural products, vegetables and dry-organic products – an eating regimen which was likewise recommended by specialists for him to support. However, it was argued that the authorities in the jail have stopped providing these items for the past 12 days.

The supplication accentuated the way that Jain is an under-preliminary detainee and such can’t be made to starve or give up his strict convictions and be denied fundamental ailment.

After the jail administration submits a comprehensive response, the hearing in this regard will continue tomorrow.

Yesterday, Mehra had called on the Court to make sure he gets a fair trial and accused the Enforcement Directorate (ED) of showing the media footage from Jain’s jail cell.

On November 28, the Court had agreed to continue hearing the ED’s contempt plea.

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