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Delhi High Court quashes BharatPe’ Petition opposing PhonePe’ Trademarks

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Nishka Srinivas Veluvali –

Published On: November 12, 2021 at 19:51 IST

On Friday PhonePe stated that the Delhi High Court has dismissed all the Petitions Filed by BharatPe demanding the removal of the latter’s Registered Trademark from the Register of Trade Marks.

Both the digital- payments firm were controverting on the use of the word “Pe” since 2019 and a new scuffle began once PhonePe filed a Petition against BharatPe’s for using the term “Pe” in its new application called “PostPe” on October 22 in Bombay High Court.

 In response to this move, BharatPe filed six Petitions in Delhi High Court which the High Court dismissed. The Pleas were dismissed as they were not justifiable as per the present situation where the previous suit is still pending between both the firms at the Delhi High Court.

To be clearer, there are two separate suits filed by PhonePe, the first one was about the usage of “Pe” in the name of BharatPe filed in Delhi High Court and second one was specifically against the use of suffix in “PostPe” in Bombay High Court.

The Walmart owned digital payment platform responded to the Court’s Order stating that “These petitions were frivolous and baseless and nothing more than a poor attempt to divert the court’s attention from its own misuse and infringement of PhonePe’s trademarks.”

“Contrary to the PhonePe’s statement, the Delhi High Court has not held the cancellation as baseless or frivolous. As a matter of fact, the Court did not state anything on merits of the Cancellation Actions neither has it stated that PhonePe’s right on “Pe” cannot be challenged.” BharatPe stated as a response to the PhonePe’s remarks.