Delhi High Court order in Constable Ratan Lal Case

Alka Verma-

Published On: September 27,2021 at 14:18 IST

The Delhi High Court granted Bail to Mohd. Saleem Khan, who was an Accused in the murder of Head Constable Ratan Lal and causing head injuries to a DCP.

On the other hand, the Court denied Bail to Mohd. Ibrahim who was also connected in the same case.

The Case is related to the North-East Delhi Revolts that shook the Public Capital last year.

Justice Subramonium Prasad passed the order after hearing heated and lengthy arguments from both the sides.

There were various counsels appearing from the side of Accused and ASG SV Raju and Special Public Prosecutor Amit Prasad was representing the Prosecution.

The Court had saved its request in 11 bail applications recorded by various blamed people in the FIR, with the today’s decision, orders have been passed in each of them.

Earlier, the Court had granted Bail to Shahnawaz and Mohd Ayyub while denying it to Sadiq and Irshad Ali.

In the same way, the Court also granted Bail to 5 accused persons named Mohd. Arif, Shadab Ahmad, Furkan, Suvaleen and Tabassum.

The case is all about an FIR registered on a statement given by a Constable.

The FIR statement mentioned that while the constable was doing his duty at Chand Bagh Area, several protestors gathered there carrying danda, lathies, baseball bats, iron rods and stones and despite receiving warnings from senior officers, all the Protestors became violent there.

It was also mentioned that mild force and gas shells were used by the Police Personnel to disperse the crowd.

Further, adding to it the constable stated that the Protestors assaulted DCP Shahdara, ACP Gokulpuri, and Head Constable Rattan Lal because of which they fell out and about and had serve wounds.

The two along with other injured people were rushed to the hospital, where it was noticed that DCP had head injuries and Lal succumbed to death.

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