Delhi High Court directed UOI over Manipulation of Share Prices

Delhi High Court

Aishwarya Rathore-

Published On: September 21,2021 at 15:09 IST

The Delhi High Court directed the Union of India (UOI) to formulate a Comprehensive Policy to combat the spread of misleading information on Social Media platforms with the purpose of manipulating Share Prices.

The Court also directed Social Media sites such as WhatsApp, Twitter, and Telegram to remove and block all offending content from their platforms against Ease My Trip.

Learned Counsel for the Petitioner submited that the Petitioner Company has been offering its services since 2008 by granting access to travel agents to its websites to book domestic travel airline tickets.

Recently, the Petitioner found that a malicious social media disinformation campaign had been launched against it, indicating a deliberate attempt to harm its reputation and credibility.

The Petition reads, “The messages in question, circulated on the platforms, contain diametrically opposite content, with one set of messages alleging that the petitioner company is now purportedly on the list of “Unsolicited Stock Market Stock” on the National Stock Exchange website, thereby exhorting people to purchase its Stock.”

The Petitioner further urged that if the offensive and unsubstantiated messages or tweets are not deleted, they may cause further harm to the Company.

Accordingly, the Court asked the learned Additional Solicitor General to obtain directions on how guidelines can be issued to prevent inappropriate and speculative information from being published on the websites.

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