Delhi High Court denies bail to Astrologer accused of inappropriately touching woman

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Snehal Upadhyay-

Published on: August 14,2021 14:35 IST

The Delhi High Court has rejected the bail application filed by an astrologer who is accused of inappropriately touching a woman, who was also his client.

The astrologer later stabbed her during a puja with a knife stating the reason so for performing ‘human sacrifice’ during a puja.

The single judge Bench of Justice Yogesh Khanna denied granting bail to the man.

The counsel representing the woman stated that the woman was also cheated by the man. The man took Rs 1.5 lakhs in order to improve the health of her mother and to also solve her problems.

The counsel stated that the man was harassing the woman for the past one and a half years. The man took the woman to a hotel, by informing the woman that there will be puja for about three and half hours.

After which the man chanted mantras for about two hours and then offered the woman to sit on the bed and the man inappropriately touched the woman and also gave a knife blow at her neck.

When the woman tried running she was stabled by the knife.

Further, it was submitted by the Additional Public Prosecutor MS Oberoi that the woman had undergone a total of seven injuries of which three were on her neck.

After hearing from the Public Prosecutor, the Court denied granting bail to the astrologer.

“No ground for bail is made at this stage. The petition stands dismissed. Pending application(s), if any, also stands disposed of,” the Court said.


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