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Delhi HC Refuses Bail to Man Accused of helping UTP Escape

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Delhi High Court UTP Bail application Copycat criminal behavior

Alka Verma-

Published On: November 17, 2021 at 17:29 IST

On Tuesday, the Delhi High Court refused the Bail Application of a man who was Accused of helping a high risk Under trial Prisoner to escape from the Lawful Judicial Custody.

The Court denied the Bail to the Petitioner stating that granting him Bail will increase ‘Copycat Criminal behavior ’in Country.

Justice Subramonium Prasad, while hearing the matter stated that such actions to aid Criminals has many serve consequences which also includes distrust of common people in the Administration.

“This Court needs to bear in mind that the act was meticulously planned and swiftly implemented. The conspiracy of helping Kuldeep @ Fajja escape from the lawful judicial custody is of huge magnitude which could have serious effects on public safety and graver consequences on society as a whole. To execute this conspiracy, it required skill, tact and a high level of intricate planning and plotting,” stated Justice Prasad.

Justice Prasad made these remarks while denying Bail to Bhupendra Singh who was Arrested for providing help to Kuldeep when he was taken to the OPD at GTB Hospital from Mandoli Jail.

It is said that when 10-12 group of boys attacked the policemen in order to escape Kuldeep, two Policemen got injured very badly, and one succumbed to Death.

When Bhupendra was Arrested, he filed his Bail Application, which was rejected by a Sessions Court.

Following this, he moved to Delhi High Court wherein, the Counsel appearing for Bhupendra argued that a Co-Accused Yogender Dahiya was granted Bail by the Sessions Court.

On the other hand, Prosecution contented the Petitioner cannot be allowed Bail as he had a different role in the conspiracy to escape Kuldeep.

The Court after listening to both sides, stated, “The conspiracy being so deep-rooted requires to be examined at trial and cannot be summarily adjudged upon by this Court. Further, tampering of evidence or influencing witnesses also cannot be ruled out. In light of the above, this Court is, thus, of the opinion that no case for Bail is made out at this stage.”

Accordingly, at the end, the Court denied the Bail.

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