Delhi HC Denies Bail to Person Accused of Attacking Police Post & Shooting Police Officers

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Shashwati Chowdhury

Published on: June 06, 2022, at 21:36 IST

The Delhi High Court, denied bail to a man accused of attacking a Police Post and shooting an illegal weapon at police officers, stated that the Police Post is not a place where public servants are meant to be attacked with firearms, ‘Dandas’ and ‘Lathis’, or by pelting stones on them.

The FSL report appeared to show that the individual was holding a firearm in his hand, according to Justice Talwant Singh. The Court further noted that a sub inspector, who was the complainant in the case, was the main focus of the accused persons’ attack, and had suffered serious injuries as a result.

The Chowki In-Charge was the Sub Inspector, whose place of posting was the Police Post, which was attacked by a group of persons armed withDandas’ and ‘Lathis’.

The Justice Talwant Singh observed “The Police Post is a place where people go to lodge complaints of the disputes amongst them and it is not a place where the public servants are supposed to be attacked with fire-arms, Dandas and Lathis or by pelting stones on them”.

Earlier Naved has approached the High Court seeking bail stating that he was arrested in June 2020 in a false and fabricated case registered at Police Station Sarai Rohilla where he had gone to lodge a FIR against the complainant of this case and his accomplices.

The Sub Inspector (complainant) was present in Police Post Inderlok when he was approached by Kale, who lodged a complaint against Mohsin, Salman, Naved, and unknown others for looting his shop and being beaten up by them.

The complainant’s case was that once Sadeqin was taken to the Police Station, and a formal inquiry was done. Meanwhile, Mohsin, Naved, and others arrived at the Police Station and began shouting abusive language.

Naved, the petitioner, was said to be holding a pistol, while others were holding Lathis and dandas. They were driven out by Sl, but they later returned and began pelting stones at the police station, injuring the SI. The SI was said to have then shot his government handgun, and the petitioner also did shot his pistol.

The Court noted that an FSL report supported the version of the police also there was previous history of him being involved and therefore didn’t grant bail to him.

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