Shivani Gadhavi

Published On: December 2, 2021 at 19:10 IST

On 30th November, 2021 Additional Sessions Judge Dharmendra Rana rejected Bail application of a fraudster involved in syndicate which conned people by making a fake government website in order to cheat citizens of the country.

The Additional Sessions Judge stated in the order that the Accused was “actively involved in cheating gullible citizens on the pretext of registration of complaints against cybercrime”.

The complaint was filed by a financial advisor who was cheated via the aforementioned fake website by the Accused, of INR 62,500 when the former tried to buy a OnePlus phone from the website. The complainant later on filed a complaint through a website called “Jan Suraksha Kendra” and was cheated by this website as well of INR 2,800.

The Opposing Counsel in the case argued that the Accused should not get a Bail as the “Accused was a telecaller working on incentive and salary basis and was actively involved in inducing and cheating people.” and further noted that the Accused and applicant of the Bail Petition was “was the recipient of not only the cheated amount but also performance-related incentives.”

The Delhi Court while rejecting the Bail application stated, “Cybercrimes are a menace to the economic safety and security of the country. The applicant/accused is not only the recipient of the cheated amount but he also used to receive performance related incentives. He has consciously opted to earn his livelihood from illegal means.”

The Police is also directed by the Court to open an investigation against the Search-Engine company Google after coming into knowledge that the company received INR 30 Lakh for keeping the aforementioned website’s name on top of the search results.

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