Delhi Court rejects Bail application of former Sub Inspector of Delhi Police

Nishka Srinivas Veluvali –

Published On: November 26, 2021 at 19:50 IST

The Delhi Court rejected the Bail Plea of the former Sub Inspector of Delhi Police who was accused for demanding bribe to not appear at the Court hearings in order to manipulate a Bail order.

Special Judge Shailender Malik, while dismissing the bail plea of SI Bhograj Singh stated that, “Any accused who while committing corrupt practices if ventures to defeat the judicial process by one way or the other, cannot be dealt with lightly. Rather it is a serious case, and is not a simple case of trap and recovery of bribe money.”

The Court observed that the Accused was a Delhi Police Official who did not appear before the court despite the  notice for influencing the Bail Order and also was found in possession of cash amounting to Rs. 1,12,00,000 without any explanation.

The complainant informed the Court that he was intimidated that he was being traced and that he called CBI officers at a location of his choosing and did not approach the CBI office to open up the bribery demand.

The Central Bureau of Investigation had set a trap near a mall at Saket where SI Bhograj was reportedly arrested after he took the bribery amount from the complainant. The Central Agency raided his house immediately a day after his arrest.

Bhograj’s counsel argued that the complainant was going through the Criminal Case, was charged under bailable sections and thus there was no reason for the accused to favour the complainant.

The Court observed the Order Sheets in which the complainant had applied for Anticipatory Bail and noticed that, “Investigation Officer (IO) did not appear before the court.”

The Court scrutinized the written transcript of the conversation recorded between the accused and complainant and noted that SI Bhograj had said to the complainant that he “intentionally did not appear before the court as he wanted to ensure bail order was granted to him.”

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