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Delhi Court: Money Laundering in Cheating Case, Intentionally inflated by IA

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Snehal Upadhyay

Published on: September 15, 2021 at 09:30 IST

A Delhi District Court has expressed its disappointment on Delhi Police.

The Court observed that “It appeared that the money allegedly laundered in a cheating case was intentionally inflated by the investigating agency with a malicious intent to hoodwink the Court.” 

In the aforementioned Cheating Case, the Special Cell of Delhi Police stated that the accused had laundered a money sum of Rs 1.7 crore.

The Court while dealing with the Bail Application of one of the accused, the Counsel representing the accused highlighted that according to the complainant, the amount of money laundered was Rs 30,000.

After taking a note of this the Court directed the assistant commissioner of police concerned to look into the matter and acknowledge the Court with the facts.

The ACP and the Investigating Officer (IO) brought statements of six witnesses in the Court.

The Single Judge Bench of Additional Sessions Judge Dharmender Rana stated that even the Assistant Commissioner of Police and IO had notified that none of the witnesses accused the suspects of any cheating.

The Judge observed in its Order “The perusal of the record would reveal that it was specifically reported to this court that in the case at hand, Rs1, 74, 27,194 was the money laundered out of India illegally. It appears that the investigating agency is not at all sincere in its intent to trace the victims or the alleged money launderer has been intentionally inflated by the investigating agency with the malicious intent to hoodwink the court. In either case, it is a serious issue.”

The Judge further observed that “The ACP concerned and the IO have not apprised this court of any palpable reason why they have opted not to even ask the complainant to join the investigation. Considering the totality of circumstances, more particularly, the rights of unheard victims, I deem it appropriate that DCP concerned may personally look into the matter.”

The Court ordered the Deputy Commissioner of Police to notify it by way of an affidavit on the steps taken by the authorities to trace the victims in the matter by linking the bank transactions of the alleged account. 

The case would further be heard on September 15.

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