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Collegium returns 18 names to Bombay High Court

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Bombay High Court

Bombay High Court

Swarna Shukla-

Published on: September 8, 2021, at 16:26 IST

The Supreme Court Collegium and the Centre have deferred with the names of 18 judges selected by the Bombay High Court for the appointment as High Court judges in the course of the short tenure of the Chief Justice B.P Dharmadhikari.

The reason to ask the High Court to rethink the names is a humiliation to Justice Bobde, former Chief Justice of India, who only a month prior to his retirement sought to push the appointments.

The Centre highlighted their reservations in return of all the names for reconsideration to the Collegium. The authorities returned the name on 12th August to the Supreme Court Collegium, which on 17th August determined to ship the names again to the Bombay High Court for reconsideration.

The Bombay High Court recommended 22 names, out of which 18 were advocates and 4 were judicial officers.

About the time of the retirement, former Chief Justice Bobde, felt the need to fill the vacancies in the Bombay High Court and scheduled a meeting with the collegium. The meeting had found 13 out of 22 as suitable for the appointment.

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