CJI NV Ramana Supports 50% Reservation for Women in Judiciary

Shivangi Prakash-

Published On: September 27, 2021 at 12:08 IST

NV Ramana, the Chief Justice of India (CJI), sought 50 percent Reservation for Women in the judiciary at all levels, as well as reservation in all law schools in the country.

The CJI spoke at an event hosted by the Lady Advocates of the Supreme Court in honor of the nine newly appointed justices.

 “Enough of suppression of thousands of years. It is high time we have 50% representation of women in judiciary. It is your right. It is not a matter of charity,” the CJI said.

The CJI stated that women’s presence at lower levels was less than 30%. It is roughly 11-12 percent in High Courts and the Supreme Court.

 “In High Courts, women judges constitute 11.5%. Here in the Supreme Court, we currently have four women justices out of the sitting 33. That makes it just 12%. Of the 1.7 million advocates, only 15% are women. Only 2% of the elected representatives in the State Bar Councils are women. No woman member in the Bar Council of India,” he added.

Ramana discussed how insufficient court infrastructure, gender preconceptions, and cultural attitudes have made it difficult for women to pursue the legal profession. According to a poll, 22 percent of over 6,000 trial courts do not have women’s restrooms.

The Chief Justice said,“The National Judicial Infrastructure Corporation I have proposed will ensure inclusive design of court complexes.We need to create a more welcoming environment.”

People would often remark that having a 50% reservation is difficult since women have a lot of challenges, but this is not true, according to CJI Ramana.

Justice Ramana stated emphatically that the participation of female Judges and Lawyers will significantly improve the quality of justice delivered, and that he will enthusiastically support initiatives that will help to eliminate gender disparities in the field.

The CJI also congratulated the female Judges in attendance (Justices Banerjee, Kohli, Nagarathna, and Trivedi), adding that their efforts to preserve the Constitution will inspire women not only in the legal profession, but in other sectors of life.

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