Centre to Supreme Court: Not practical to have specific Teacher-Pupil Ratio

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Published On: September 23, 2021 at 10:30 IST

The Centre told the Supreme Court of India that it is “Not Practical” to state a specific Teacher-Pupil ratio.

The Centre was talking about the special educators who are assigned only for the children with special needs in a general school.

The Centre told the Court that because of the unavailability of a certain number of such students it is impossible to specify the ratio.

A Bench comprising Justices A M Khanwilkar, Dinesh Maheshwari and C T Ravikumar was informed by the Centre that the arrangement is to attempt to prepare as many general instructors so they can oblige the youngsters with exceptional necessities and this is being done on a “functioning scale”.

Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Madhavi Divan, who was appearing for the Ministry of Education, stated that there are general schools and special schools which oblige the particular requirements of kids with unique necessities.

The Bench, which was hearing a plea relating to the arrangement of properly qualified extraordinary educators to grant quality preparation and training to youngsters with incapacity.

Divan informed the bench that nearly 4,000 government posts have now been recognized for people with exceptional necessities and thus, presently they will possess public posts on a much bigger scope than previously.

“Does the Central government have the relevant empirical data regarding area-wise, how many are specially-abled children who are required to attend schools,” the bench asked from ASG.

Divan stated in front of the Bench that yet they do they don’t have any area-wise details but have a broad figure, and she will assure the Bench to get better instructions on this issue.

The bench observed the needs, infrastructure, and area and stated that there is a need to evolve a “flexible policy”.

“Suppose, in a given school, there are 10 students, you can have a ratio of at least one teacher for addressing the issues of specially-abled. If in a given school, there are 100, then the same ratio will be 10 teachers for 100 students. That has to be evolved by you,” stated the Bench.

The Bench likewise heard entries progressed by different legal advisors and contended that the necessity to fix the student instructor proportion is a legal obligation of the Central government under the arrangement of the RTE Act read with significant principles.

For now, the Court has held its decision in the matter.


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