Cambodian NGO ‘Mother Nature’ halts operations due to pendency of cases

Chaini Parwani

Published On: December 30, 2021 at 18:41 IST

Cambodian NGO Mother Nature has suspended its operations in Cambodia delaying the results of court cases brought against the environmental protection group, which have scandalised human rights activists and urged a rethink by Western envoys.

At least six court cases are still pending after Mother Nature, which has adopted an aggressive approach to environmentalism in Cambodia, found itself objected by authorities amid a crackdown on opposition politicians and the independent press ahead of elections in 2018.

Alejandro Gonzalez-Davidson, founder of Mother Nature, noted that the NGO still exists and is waiting to acknowledge the conclusion of Court proceedings against its six activists, who were lately released on bail.

Previously, Alejandro Gonzalez-Davidson was held in absentia along with three other Mother Nature activists: Long Kunthea, 22, Phuon Keorasmey, 19, and Thun Ratha, 29.

Further all six were released on Bail in November due to protests from the Governments of the United States, Australia, and Sweden.

U.S. Ambassador Patrick Murphy stated that it was “very troubled to hear of the arrests” and that “documenting pollution is a public service, not terrorism.”

Alejandro Gonzalez-Davidson highlighted that the decision to suspend operations was made pertaining to staff but Mother Nature could still rely on several of partners, commonly young people, so as to cooperate to protect the forest and environment.

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