Calcutta High Court Directs Police to Ensure Presence of Lawyer who Allegedly Misled Court to Secure Client’s Bail, Fled upon Confrontation

Anurupa Pal

Published on: March 15, 2022 at 22:22 IST

The Calcutta High Court on Friday Directed the concerned Police Authorities to Ensure the Presence of a Lawyer who had Allegedly tried to Mislead the Court while seeking Bail for an Accused.

This Order was issued when the Lawyer had left the Court premises during Recess and then Failed to appear before the Court after Recess to continue with the Proceedings.

The Bench of Justice Debangshu Basak and Justice Bibhas Ranjan De said that Advocate Arindam Ray had been asked to appear and make his Submissions.

He had then requested the Bench for further Time and therefore had been directed to come post recess after 2pm to continue with his Submissions.

The Bench then found out that Advocate Arindam Roy had left the Court’s Premises during Recess.

The Court further said that given Allegations Levelled against him by the State it would be appropriate to grant him an Opportunity to explain his Conduct and accordingly Observed.

In this Case the Calcutta High Court was Adjudicating upon an Application for Bail under Section 439 of Code of Criminal Procedure.

During the Proceedings Advocate Arindam Roy appearing for the Accused had Allegedly tried to Mislead the Court by Averring that the Accused had been charged with a lesser Offence in a bid to seek Bail.

However, the State vide its Affidavit had challenged such incorrect Averments subsequent to which the Lawyer was asked to explain his Conduct.

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