Bihar State Bar Council requests for Enhancing Security

Alka Verma-

Published On: September 27, 2021 at 12:40 IST

The Bihar State Bar Council requested Chief Minister and Chief Justice to enhance the security of Court.

The Bar Council also requested to take fundamental measures to improve the security in the Court and get foundation produced for Legal Advisors and Legal Officials across the State.

“Only trained police personnel with necessary equipment should be deployed in the Court security. At present, anyone has free access up to the Courtroom,” stated Ramakant Sharma, Chairman of Council.

The demand of granting proper securities in Court came in wake of shootout happened in Rohini’s Court.

“We are celebrating 75 years of independence but unfortunately, legal fraternity and courts are the most neglected one yet. There is total security lapse in the state courts. Like many other states, a law should be framed to protect the advocates in Bihar,” stated Sharma.

Sharma who was accompanied by Bar Council Vice-Chairman Dharmnath Prasad and some members like Yogesh Chandra Verma, Prem Jha, Rajeev Kumar Dwivedi and Arun Kumar Pandey also recalled different violent incident which happened near, outside or inside the Court.

Sharma talked about bombing and suicide attack at Ara Civil Court and also the bombing which happened at Chhapra Court.

Sharma also stated there has been hardly any modification in the infrastructure for Lawyers and Judges and he also pointed upon the old building of Patna Civil Court stating that there is not even proper place to sit for lawyers.

Further, highlighted the raising numbers of women participation in Court and also showed his concern over their safety.

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