Biden Administration asks immediate lift on Business Vaccine Mandate pause

Chaini Parwani –

Published On: November 24, 2021 at 12:45 IST

The Biden Administration submitted an Affidavit seeking a Federal Appeals Court to elevate a pause on its Vaccine-or-Test Mandate for Private Businesses.

The Biden Administration submitted to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals that “Simply put, delaying the Standard would likely cost many lives per day, in addition to large numbers of hospitalizations, other serious health effects, and tremendous expenses”

It was Highlighted that the policy from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), pertains businesses with more than 100 employees to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for their workforce or appear to weekly testing and stringent masking requirements.

Furthermore, as per the estimation by OSHA the mandate could “save over 6,500 worker lives and prevent over 250,000 hospitalizations over the course of the next six months.”

The Administration further pleaded for modifications in the pause if the court would not fully lift the ban, permitting to allow the mask and test rules to move forward.

The New Orleans-based Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals had previously temporarily blocked the mandate from going into effect, alleging severe Statutory and Constitutional Matters with the Mandate.

Republican-led states have filed dozens of lawsuits against the mandate,

The Lawsuits were affiliated into one case before the Cincinnati-based Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Further some allegations from labor unions claim that the rules don’t go far enough, seeking Courts to expand protections to smaller businesses considering protection of workers.

It was noted by certain Legal Experts that the Case might end up before the Supreme Court.

Few weeks back Federal Court issues Stay of Biden Administration’s Vaccine MandateA Federal Appeals Court temporarily blocked the Biden Administration’s new Vaccine Mandate that could pertain to larger employers, certain health care workers and Federal Contractors.

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