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[Bharat Jodo Yatra] Kerala HC: ‘Illegal Installations Made by Particular Political Party; Authorities Have Turned Blind Eye to it’

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Priyanka Singh

Published on: September 23, 2022 at 21:33 IST

On the erection of flags and banners along the highways in the State as part of the “Bharat Jodo Yatra”, the Kerala High Court criticized the party and authorities for the violation of earlier directions.

Amicus Curiae to the Court, Advocate Harsh Vasudevam, requested that the Court an urgent hearing on the issue, reporting that a “particular political party” has illegally erected boards, banners, and flags at an interval of every 15 metres on the highways, also hoarded in an unscientific manner.

This is causing discomfort to the general public, as due to the rainy season in action, these boards are leaning towards the roads.

Justice Devan Ramachandra expressed concern while remarking that the orders issued by the Courts are being kept aside and not being abided by party who intend to lead the nation.

The Court remarked on the dangers due to these installations that put the citizens on the fence.

“These illegal installations cause great danger to motorists since their attention would be distracted, while moving through Highway; and there is also the real danger of some of these installations coming loose & creating havoc, particularly with respect to two wheelers.”

The Court also observed the problem of installations being disposed untreated and the waste becomes difficult to be handed by the Local Self Government Institutions or by any other competent.

The Court criticized the State Police and the authorities for neglecting the situation for reasons unknown and seemingly deliberate, directing their attention towards the climate of the State.

The Court adjourned the matter to 23rd September asking “how the illegal installations have been put up and why have they not been removed.”