Bengaluru Consumer Court Fines Apple Service Center ₹1 Lakh for iPhone Damage and Warranty Breach

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Published on: October 3, 2023 at 16:33 IST

A consumer court in Bengaluru has imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on Apple India and its authorized service center for causing damage to a man’s iPhone 13. Awez Khan, the plaintiff, had filed a lawsuit against the tech giant and its service partner, alleging that they had damaged his phone and then compelled him to pay for the repairs, despite the device being under warranty.

Khan purchased the iPhone 13 in October 2021, and a few months later, he experienced issues with the battery and speaker. Seeking assistance, he visited the iPlanet Care Centre, the authorized service center, on August 18, 2022. Technicians assured him that the problems could be resolved, and he would have his phone back within a week.

However, when Khan went to collect his phone on August 30, he discovered that the issues persisted. The service center took back the device but failed to respond to Khan’s inquiries until two weeks later. To his surprise, he was informed that a glue-like substance had been found on the phone’s outer mesh, and the repairs would not be covered under warranty. Khan attempted to contact Apple multiple times to resolve the issue but received no response.

Frustrated by the lack of assistance, Khan sent a legal notice to Apple in October 2022 and subsequently filed a complaint with the Bengaluru Urban district consumer disputes redressal commission, citing unfair trade practices. Apple’s counsel argued that the complaint was baseless and an attempt to obtain unlawful compensation.

Despite Apple’s arguments, the court ruled in Khan’s favor, directing both Apple and its service partner to reimburse him Rs 79,900 for the cost of the iPhone, along with an additional Rs 20,000 as compensation for the inconvenience caused.

The court determined that the modifications made to the phone, which allegedly led to the damage, were unauthorized and not covered under warranty.

This judgment serves as a reminder to companies to honor warranties and provide proper service to customers, ensuring they receive fair resolution for any damages or issues encountered with their products.

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