Appointment of Judges in Indian Judicial System is Utmost ‘Democratic’: CJI Ramana


Paridhi Arya

Published on: April 12, 2022 at 15:25 IST

While during the conversation with Judge Stephen Breyer, who is Judge of US Supreme Court, Chief Justice of India N V Ramana said “Sixty-Five is too Early to Retire”.

On August 27 of this Chief Justice of India is going to be 65 and his last day to hold an Office will be August 26. This conversation took place at a webinar on Comparative Constitutional laws.

M. Treanor who is the Dean and Executive Vice- President of Georgetown University Law Centre had questioned the Chief Justice of India that 65 was quite a young age to get retired for a Judge.

The Chief Justice of India replied to it “I think 65 years is too early an age for someone to retire. I worked almost 22 years as a judge in the High Court, in the Supreme Court, and as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court… In the Indian Judiciary, we know our date of Retirement at the time of joining. There are no exceptions,”

“I am still left with a decent amount of energy. I am the son of an agriculturalist. I am still left with some land to cultivate. I am basically a man of people. I love to be among people. It has been my nature since my student days. I hope I will find the right avenue to invest my energy for the sake of people” added by Chief Justice of India.

The Chief Justice of India stated that the system of appointing Judges in India is a Very Democratic as the collegiums alone do not form its decision as it involves the opinion of State and Central Government and Governor than top three Supreme Court Judges consider them all.

“We also take the opinion of the Consultee Judges in Supreme Court. Many people may not be aware of this. A Consultee Judge is the one who hails from the same State or had earlier worked in that High Court.”

“Only after taking into account the wide range of opinions from diverse sources does collegium form its opinion. Most of the time, it is a Unanimous Opinion. I don’t think a selection process can be more Democratic than this,” stated by Chief Justice of India. At last the Judge got appointed under the name of President of India.

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