Allahabad High Court Issues Guidelines for Fair Election of Allahabad District Bar Association

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Published on: November 23, 2023 at 02:45 IST

The Allahabad High Court has issued crucial directives regarding the upcoming election for the Executive Committee of the District Bar Association.

These directives aim to ensure transparency and fairness in the election process, with a particular emphasis on maintaining order within the court premises.

The High Court’s decision comes in response to a writ petition filed by two individuals seeking specific instructions for the conduct of the election.

A Division Bench, comprising Justice Mahesh Chandra Tripathi and Justice Prashant Kumar, underscored the importance of recording the entire election proceedings through CCTV cameras.

The court acknowledged the cooperation of the outgoing Elders Committee, represented by Sri Vikrant Pandey, Advocate, assuring support to the newly constituted Elders Committee, including the release of necessary funds for conducting the election. Furthermore, the court explicitly restrained the outgoing office bearers from participating in the ongoing election process or continuing with their previous positions.

Senior Advocate Anoop Trivedi represented the petitioners, while Senior Advocates R.K. Ojha and Amarendra Pratap Singh represented the respondents in this legal matter.

The writ petition was filed to command the respondents to conduct the election of the Executive Committee of the District Bar Association, Allahabad, for the year 2023-24 in accordance with the association’s bye-laws, with the assistance of the Elders Committee. Additionally, a plea was made to appoint an Observer to ensure a free and fair election during the pendency of the writ petition.

The court took note of the previous chaos and disruption caused by a faction of advocates, leading to the postponement of the election scheduled for October 27. Despite adequate police protection and the presence of the City Magistrate, the court deemed it necessary to intervene and issued an order, reiterating the importance of a fair election.

In response to the challenges faced, the court appointed eight members to the Elders Committee and proposed the names of three Senior Advocates—Sri R.K. Ojha, Sri Amarendra Nath Singh, and Sri Bharat Pratap Singh—as Observers to oversee the election. The election is now slated to take place on November 29, 2023.

The court emphasized the need for a dignified election process, prohibiting the use of banners, posters, or any form of allurement, including dinners and get-togethers, during the campaigning period. The issued directions include a range of measures such as restrictions on the use of objectionable language, procession in court corridors, and the use of electronic instruments for canvassing within court premises.

The High Court directed the Commissioner, Prayagraj Division, to ensure the deployment of necessary forces to prevent untoward incidents during the election.

The matter is scheduled for further consideration on November 30, emphasizing the court’s commitment to overseeing a free and fair election process for the Allahabad District Bar Association.

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