Air India Instructed to Pay ₹50,000 Compensation for Broken Business Class Seats on Flight

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Published on: February 11, 2024 at 17:18 IST

Chandigarh’s district consumer disputes redressal commission has ruled that Air India must compensate a senior couple with ₹50,000 after they were compelled to endure broken seats during a flight from New York to Delhi.

The commission, presided over by President Pawanjit Singh and member Suresh Kumar Sardana, determined that the seats were defective and resulted in physical discomfort for the complainants.

The order, dated February 2, highlighted that the couple had purchased business class tickets worth ₹8,24,964 from New York to Delhi.

The allotted seats were deemed faulty as they did not slide or move forward, causing physical pain and discomfort to one of the complainants, who suffered from swelling in the legs and feet throughout the lengthy journey.

The complainants, one of whom was handicapped and had traveled to the United States for physiotherapy sessions, had anticipated a comfortable journey with their high-priced business class tickets.

However, due to broken seats, they had to resort to using stools to support their feet during the 14-hour flight. Despite complaints, the airline failed to address the issue, prompting the consumers to take legal action.

Supported by ticket receipts, medical records, photographs of the defective seats, and correspondence with the airline, the complainants successfully established their case. The commission, acknowledging the deficient service provided by the airline, ordered compensation of ₹50,000 for mental agony and harassment, along with an additional ₹10,000 for litigation costs.

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