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Naresh Kumar Sharma moves Delhi HC on his Non-Selection for Tokyo Games 2020

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Naresh Kumar Sharma, India's Number 1 shooter, during one of his game, in his uniform and with head gear on

Snehal Upadhyay-

Naresh Kumar Sharma moves to Delhi High Court over his non-selection for the upcoming Tokyo games 2020.

Naresh Kumar Sharma is a five-time Paralympian shooter and was honoured with Arjun Award.

The plea claims directions from the Court to the Paralympic Committee of India (PCI), the apex body for promotion and development of Para Sports in India, to add his name to the list of selected shooters, who are going for Tokyo Paralympics in the R7 event.

Advocates Satyam Singh and Amit Kumar Sharma, representing Naresh Kumar Sharma, have alleged that the Selection Committee of the PCI has been arbitrary, capricious, the discriminatory exercise of their discretionary powers while selecting candidates for Tokyo games.

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The plea further states Naresh Kumar Sharma’s achievement and his remarkable performances in the past. The plea contends that he is fulfilling all the selection criteria and was still not selected.

The plea alleges that PCI in an arbitral manner selected Deepak without application to participate in Tokyo Paralympic in the R7 event in place of competent and deserving Naresh Kumar Sharma.

“They consciously and arbitrarily denied the petitioner his legitimate opportunity to participate in the R7 event at Tokyo Paralympic. There was a premeditated plan on the part of the Selection Committee to exclude the name of the petitioner,” the plea adds.

This plea will be heard by a single bench of Justice Rekha Palli, where the discussion will be made on manifest arbitrariness and non-application of mind on the part of the Selection Committee of PCI.