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Mumbai Court passes Interim Order in Defamation case by Salman Khan against Kamaal R Khan

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Greeva Garg – 

The Bombay Civil Court passed an Interim Order restraining Kamaal R Khan (KRK) from making and uploading videos, posting, tweeting, or publishing any defamatory content, directly or indirectly, about Bollywood actor Salman Khan, his business ventures and their films or projects.

Salman Khan had filed a defamation suit against KRK earlier, where a notice was sent to the self-proclaimed movie critic by Salman’s legal team following his review of the actor’s latest film, Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai.

The restraining order was passed by Additional Sessions Judge, CV Marathe in the defamation suit filed by Salman Khan against Kamaal R Khan.

While issuing the order, the Sessions Judge said that “A good name is better than riches. Reputation is a sort of right to enjoy the good opinion of others and it is a personal right and an inquiry to the reputation is personal injury. A good reputation is an element of personal security and is protected by the Constitution equally with the right to the enjoyment of life”.

While positioning a good view that every man is entitled to his good name, the Judge stated that, “Reputation is not the only salt of life but the purest treasure and the most precious perfume of life. Reputation and honour are no less precious to good men than bodily safety and freedom. In some cases, they may be dearer than life itself”.

Advocate Pradeep Gandhi appearing for Salman Khan, imposed allegations upon KRK seeking urgent relief. 

The Court, while stating that KRK has failed to explain his defamatory statements, passed the Interim Order restraining him from making slanderous remarks and videos against Salman Khan. This order shall continue until the Court passes a judgment in the case.