Maoists demand declaration of mediators for release of CRPF hostage

Aryan Grover

Maoists have urged the central government to release the names of the mediators for negotiation if they seek the release of an elite CRPF CoBRA Commando, who has been kept hostage. This comes four days after the deadly Maoist U-shaped ambush, where 21 security personnel lost their lives, and 31 others were injured.

The jawans were ambushed near Jonaguda village in Sukma district of Chhattisgarh by 400 maoists, who used country-made grenades, rocket launchers and machine guns. The forces had proceeded into the area after information was received that two dreaded Maoists Madvi Hidma and Sujatha were present in the Jagargunda-Jonaguda-Tarrem belt.

Ignoring the warning signs, the personnel kept moving in and eventually found themselves surrounded by fire from all sides. Needless to say, the intel received was false and a part of the trap to lure the security forces to a point where they could be attacked.

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee issued a statement to the media through spokesperson Vikalp, and released photographs of four of their dead comrades while also evealing their names. The capture of a CRPF personnel was also confirmed, who would remain in custody with them as a prisoner.

Other than this, the Maoists said that they had recovered 14 weapons, more than 2,000 cartridges and a few other materials after the attack. Laying down the conditions of the release, the statement has said, “The government must first announce the names of mediators. Then we will hand him over to the police”

Security forces have claimed to have hit back at the rebels while inflicting more casualties on the rebel side, the bodies of whom were taken away in tractor trollies. It has also recovered the body of a slain woman Maoist, Odi Sunny, the same having been confirmed by The Maoists themselves. The woman was member of Kistaram area South Bastar division company-1.