Madras High Court to start physical hearings from 8th Feb

Tanvi Sinha

Madras High Court to start physical sessions once again from February 8th . The court plans to function in a hybrid mode, where both physical and online hearings would be conducted.

The court reopens months after it was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic after a notification was issued by the registry in the court on Wednesday that stated that physical hearings could now be heard after prior permission of the bench.

Precautions are still being taken as the courts have directed no more than 5 advocates or clerks to be present in the courtroom at any point and no more than 6-10 advocates to be allowed to enter court halls with the remaining being asked to wait in designated areas.

No one, other than advocates, law students, interns, litigants, parties in person would be allowed for the partial physical opening.

Physical sessions had been suspended early on back in March last year owing to the COVID- 19 pandemic.

Even as the judges try reopening in June again, owing to some judges testing positive, physical sessions were suspended again.

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