Monthly compensation by Delhi High Court, to Abandoned Minors who Lost their Mother

Delhi High Court

Akanksha Singh

On Thursday, the Delhi High Court had awarded compensation of Rs 15,000 per month to a pair of two-year-old minors who lost their mother due to postpartum complications.

The order was passed by Justice JR Midha in a writ petition filed on behalf of the twins through their maternal grandfather, Attar Singh. 

The Delhi High Court ordered that,

“The Court awards pension to two minor petitioners being looked after by their maternal grandfather. The District Legal Services Authority, Karnal will also take strict action. Moreover, 15,000 Rupees per month is sufficient to take care of the needs of children. Attar Singh, the maternal grandfather of the children can withdraw up to 15,000 Rupees a month, from the pension reserved for the minor children. The remaining amount is to remain in the petitioner’s bank account.”

The next hearing of this case will be on 18th august 2021.

According to the background, the deceased mother was working as a nurse in a government hospital in Delhi, where she met Sanjay Kumar, whom she was to marry. After the marriage, she gave birth to two twins. However, within a few days of giving birth, she dies because of developing postpartum complications.

Thereafter, the twins’ father abdicated all responsibility of their care and left them in the care of their maternal grandfather. He also tried to avail all service benefits, movable and immovable properties, claiming to be the sole legal heir of his deceased wife.

The children’s grandfather had complained with the Child Welfare Committee Tribunal in Karnal but to no avail. Thus, he was prompted to approach the Delhi High Court for relief.

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