Jamia Student move Delhi HC Seeking Waiver of Tuition Fees due to COVID 19

By Shelal-

In a the wake of COVID 19 the most genuine problem that many students are facing is about the issue of paying fees to the colleges when even they are not physically present in the campus.

As always the whistleblower on the legal aspect of this is the law colleges of India, the NLU’s have filed petition regarding the arbitrariness of demanding fees during the time when students are not utilizing college space at all so there is no sense of asking fees on grounds of maintaining college infrastructure, light bills etc.

In a fresh development today, the student of Jamia MilliaIslamia University have filed a petition in Delhi HC for waiver of tuition fees and the fee charges for service not used by the students due to COVID 19.

The petition has been filed through Advocate FA Khan and Nabila Hasan. The petitioners argued by citing the examples Patna University and CNLU, that other universities across the country provided relief to students in terms of tuition fee.

The petitioners challenged the notification dated 08/09/20 issued by Dean of Jamia MilliaIslamia University and demand a reduction in fees demanded from students for the odd semester on the grounds that by demanding the fees for odd semester JMI is violating the circular issued by the Bar Council of India which states that “considerate & compassionate to the hardship faced by students and also to adjust the savings of the university in terms of Electricity & maintenance”