J & K High Court constitutes Artificial Intelligence Committee to takeup matters

By Diksha-

The Registrar General of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court- Mr. Jawad Ahmed issued an order on 12-10-2020 to constitute an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Committee in the High Court of J & K.

The committee shall consist of a Chairperson- Justice Rajesh Bindal and a member- Justice Puneet Gupta.

The committee has been constituted to look into the matters of:

  1. Use of Al Language Technology in Translation of Judicial Documents.
  2. Use of Al in Process Automation on the Administrative Side.
  3. Exploring potential of use of Al in Legal Research Assistance on Judicial Side
  4. Exploring potential usage of AT in other Judicial avenues.

The order further directed the CPC e-courts and the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir to assist the AI Committee and coordinate with the Member-Convenor of the Artificial Intelligence Committee of the Supreme Court of India.

Apparently, an AI committee plays a crucial role in assisting the Judiciary in the legal aspects like granting of parole, granting bail, determining the appropriate sentence of a convict, etc. thus helping in expediting the judicial process.