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Israel Parliament to vote on Anti-Netanyahu Govt on 13 June

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Queency Jain – 

Israel’s longest-serving Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s political career is all set to be decided after the Speaker of the Israel Parliament scheduled a vote on 13 June.

Parliament speaker Yarin Levin issued a statement and told that the vote will  cast on Sunday during a special parliamentary session.

The coalition government is all set to win against Netanyahu and end the rule of the longest-serving PM on the same day by replacing him with Nationalist Naftali Bennett.

Yesh Atid party leader Yair Lapid has joined hands with Bennett thereby forming a broad governing alliance. By this coalition, Bennett will be serving as PM which will be followed by Lapid in future.

Fearing to lose elections, Netanyahu is trying his best by making all possible efforts to pressure right-wing members of the coalition to not cast vote against him because the new government needs only 61 seats out of 120 seats to have a full majority and win over the elections.

While Netanyahu has called the coalition a fraud to the century, Bennett has earlier requested the speaker Levin to put a hold on Knesset votes scheduled on 9 June and asked Netanyahu to not try to manipulate or force the members of the new coalition to go against and disturb the inauguration.

Israel has had 4 elections in past 2 years with no stable government where even the emergency government formed during the Covid-19 pandemic collapsed and got involved in political conflicts.

The disturbed political condition of the country comes amid a clash between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police in Jerusalem.