World Day for International Justice 2021: All you need to know


Aishwarya Rathore-

The International Justice Day is celebrated by organisations working to advocate for the fundamental human rights of victims affected by criminal acts.

Every year on July 17, the World Day for International Justice is commemorated around the world to mark the emergence of a modern system of justice to combat international criminal activities. The International Criminal Court (ICC) was legally founded on July 17, following the adoption of the Rome Statute, which is why it is being commemorated on this date.

History and background:

The World Day for International Justice is marked around the globe on July 17. The decision was taken at the Review Conference of the Rome Statute held in Uganda’s Kampala town back in 2010. It was decided by the Assembly of State Parties to observe July 17 as the Day of International Criminal Justice.


This year’s theme for the Day of International Criminal Justice is “social justice in the digital economy”, a timely topic for a modern age where criminals are increasingly relying on advanced internet-based means instead of traditional criminal tactics.


Humans have been able to navigate the Covid-19 landscape thanks to technological advancements over the last decade. Employees can work from home because to what the United Nations refers to as “digital labour platforms,” which provide “income-generating opportunities and benefits from flexible work arrangements.”

However, there is an increased chance of criminal acts via digital methods, especially if the streets remain under intense surveillance for pandemic-appropriate behaviour. Experts argue the real threat may be remote, emphasising the need to raise criminal justice knowledge on a digital platform.

International Criminal Court:

The International Criminal Court, or ICC, investigates and, where appropriate, prosecutes individuals accused of the world’s most serious crimes: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and aggression. Its role as a court of last resort is to supplement rather than supplant national courts.

The Rome Statute is the international treaty that governs the International Criminal Court. It’s also the first permanent international criminal court in the world.

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